Healy, the portable bioresonance device


What actually is the Healy?

The Healy is a bioresonance device. To be precise, it is the first bioresonance device that can be worn as a wearable, mobile and during everyday activities. It can take care of your well-being with its thousands of frequencies. Pure wellness, for body, mind and soul. But if you ask me, the Healy is so much more. Anyone who has ever dealt with frequencies and can believe that we can direct and enrich our lives with quantum physical principles and frequencies, has with this device virtually Aladdin's magic lamp in his hands.

"Little Magic Box"

If you can warm up to spiritual topics, if you strongly believe that thoughts influence the world, if "manifestation" is not just a nice word for you, but you KNOW that we can manifest through the morphogenetic field, then the Healy is definitely something for you.
I call my Healy my little "magic box", with which I have already experienced so many incredible stories on so many levels in my life, in the lives of my family members, friends and clients... Stuck life situations have gone into transformation, physical and mental well-being has been allowed to set in-and often unexpectedly and in a flash.

None of my customers like to miss their Healy anymore. If you ask me: I think the Healy belongs in every household, because it can do so much good with its frequencies. After all, everything is vibration and the Healy "knows" how to vibrate us into exactly the "wave" that is good for us. Because e can communicate with our cells and calculate which of his frequencies are just best for us.
If you are curious now and want to have a Healy Experience Zoom where you can feel its frequencies even at a distance, then contact me. I'll be happy to show you the Healy and its sheer endless possibilities.

How do I get my Healy?

You can order your Healy directly from my online store at Healy. After clicking the button, you will be asked on the Healy page if you were redirected from referrer number 0234-7676-6379. Please answer this question with "Yes". Thank you!

Seminars or events on the Healy

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