About me

About me - Uta Minzberg

My path to spirituality

In the last twelve years the subject of spirituality and mediumship have come more and more into my life and have become more and more important. After completing a "Mind Control" course, I had a drastic experience after using an exercise that I learned there. All of a sudden a big problem in our family came back into order - spontaneously and with lasting effect. For the first time I could observe the power of the creative force. It was as if I had discovered a hidden door that had actually always been there, but first wanted to be discovered and pushed open.

Since then, I have been drawn further and deeper into the world of spirituality and its possibilities.

Meditation and working on my self and my "wire" to the source has been an integral part of my life ever since, even though I otherwise lead a completely "normal" life with my family.
I teach singing, also an activity in which the work on the self and many aspects of meditation can be reflected. The very fact that the voice is one of the "chakras", one of the seven energy centers, is a possible approach to consider much that connects spirituality and singing and the voice as a means of expression.

Past-Life Regression Brian Weiss

My spiritual "training

Everyone who works in this field has no "professional training" as a spiritual coach or medium. There is no such thing - and for me that is a good thing. Nothing is more individual than one's own spiritual path. There are many spiritual teachers from whom one can learn, much can be learned through books, cds, online courses or videos in self-study. And even though the intersections are often great, not every one is right for everyone. Some spiritual teachings are ancient, like the teachings from yoga or Buddhism, some are quite new, like quantum healing, which is based on the principle of quantum physics.
Much of our path we develop all alone, far away from courses, masterclasses and workshops and yet in connection with the creative power and in connection with each other. My path and my content do not have to be right for everyone.
The great diversity in spiritual "becoming" is a gift for me. I have learned to find what is mine in this sea of possibilities and also which paths are not right for me-some "methods" I could not or did not want to integrate for myself. In my eyes, this is also something that no one can take away from you - making decisions from the sea of choices.
I paused for a long time and waited until the connection to the creative power worked well for me and I could trust my abilities - to the extent that I learned to use them for others.

My "channels" through which I have educated myself spiritually

  • ThetaHealing®
  • Past-Life Regression, trained by Dr. Brian L. Weiss
  • The Silva Method
  • Aura surgery according to Gehard Klügl
  • Quantum Healing
  • NLP Practitioner
  • "Power of Eight" Masterclass 2018 / Lynne Mc Taggert