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About Alpha-Theta Coaching

What does Alpha-Theta Coaching do?

In Alpha-Theta Coaching, unwanted emotions and problems are tracked down and worked on at a deep, soul level and can thus be resolved.

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What does "alpha theta" mean?

Alpha and theta are specific brainwave frequencies. They are known from EEGs, measurements of brain waves. These frequencies are reached through deep relaxation. When our brain moves in these waves, it is particularly well possible to build a spiritual connection to the creative power and to get information and answers to open questions.

What is different about spiritual coaching than other coaching?

In spiritual coaching, we seek the direct path from the soul to the creative power, using a path that has the potential to get to the root of a problem deeply and quickly.

How does coaching work?

We first talk about which topic or problem you want to work on and find out with which method this works best. I make myself available in a coaching as your medial channel or you yourself go into your topics in a deep relaxation initiated by me. The goal of coaching is the resolution of blockages, emotional difficulties or problems.

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There are two main approaches that we use, one is essentially based on ThetaHealing®, the other is based on Dr Brian Weiss' regression therapy.

In the first technique I make myself available as your "channel", your connection to the creative power. I establish for you in a coaching the connection to the morphogenetic field, the creative power, the universe, the divine source - whichever term you prefer, in the end it all means the same. Through this connection I can help you to uncover possible blockages and let them be released by the Creator Power. It is very important that I do not get in the way with my own beliefs, own life experiences and own ideas.

The second approach is: I guide you in a deep relaxation to take a look at different aspects of your soul life. At the beginning we find out together which variant works best at the moment. Often both can be combined well.

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In coaching I do not consider myself as an active force, but as an observer and helper. The images that often show up and that your soul still has stored as information can, for example, come from past incarnations. Often they are no longer useful to us in this life and may be sent into dissolution.

The images can come through you or through me, depending on the procedure we use. For a resolution, I ask the creative power on your behalf and with your permission to do this for you, with me as a witness.

It is possible that the creative power also transmits to me a few so-called "downloads" for you-in the form of an affirmation, which you can use for yourself to erase beliefs that block you with something positive and to bring a better solution for you on the way. The solutions do not come "from" me but only "through" me-mediated from the source of the creative power.