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Do you want to learn that it is possible to create your life in a fulfilling and self-determined way? Would you like to know how it works to throw overboard what does not serve you and blocks you? Then ThetaHealing® is definitely something for you and you can assume that it is no coincidence that you feel addressed right now.
As a ThetaHealing® Coach I am allowed to accompany the processes of my clients in wonder and with deep inner joy and gratitude.
As a ThetaHealing® teacher, I am happy to give you this technique so that you too can take advantage of this wonderful tool for a more fulfilling, happier life for yourself and for others.

What is Theta Healing®?

Why do we keep running into the same issues and blockages in our lives? Why do we often have the feeling that we are not allowed to decide at all and that our life is living us instead of being able to shape it creatively and happily for us?
With ThetaHealing® we learn to work with tools that empower us to take control of our lives. We learn to detect, look at and dissolve blockages through inner work. We thereby trigger our inner healing processes on all levels - physical, mental and spiritual.

We practice and learn in ThetaHealing® to bring our brain into the "theta" state. This is a brainwave frequency that can be visualized on an EEG. This state is achieved in deep relaxation and meditation. It allows us to access and do transformative inner work on subconscious issues.

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ThetaHealing® makes it possible for us to fathom why we suffer, are unhappy, can "bumble along" in our lives or even get sick and gives us answers - also for the solutions to our problems. We learn how it works and how it feels to create our life reality ourselves. And this with always amazing and wonderful ease.

ThetaHealing® is a method developed by Vianna Stibal (USA). Every person can learn and apply it. The integration of the techniques of ThetaHealing® has already helped enormously many people to change their lives positively.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® is a method that has the potential to transform your life. It was developed by Vianna Stibal, who used it to bring a serious illness of hers into complete healing.

How does ThetaHealing® work?

In ThetaHealing® we connect through a specific meditation technique that brings us into the theta state-a relaxed state in our brain. It allows us to connect with the power of creation, the morphogenetic field, the universe-depending on which word you prefer to use. In a joint conversation and with kinesiological muscle testing, our clients' beliefs that no longer serve them are detected and, with the help of the power of creation, brought into dissolution so that new paths are cleared.

What does a ThetaHealing® session cost?

A ThetaHealing® session costs between 60€ and 120€, depending on how time-consuming the session is.

What is "Theta Meditation"?

In theta meditation we strive for a relaxed state in the brain, which ensures that the brain waves between 3-8 Hz.
Theta brainwaves are measurable during deep relaxation, meditation, dreaming, REM sleep and light sleep. The theta wave is excellent for creating. ThetaHealers produce a great deal of this deep relaxed state in the brain through the frequent practice of theta meditation, which indicates their deep resonance with the subconscious, provides a stable connection to the creative force, and serves as a source of inspiration for them.


It is always nice to hear course participants describe their personal ThetaHealing experience:

Dear Uta,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for accompanying me so well on my path. Many pieces of the puzzle have now fallen into place in the DNA Basic Seminar with your help, many abilities that have been sleeping deep and hard in me have been awakened by your seminar and even during the seminar I was able to determine that an old behavior pattern of mine had been completely dissolved. Thank you very much for your time, your valuable help and support in "practicing" and all the explanations you brought in. My everyday life looks much more serene and also mindful as a result, I am so grateful that you have lit this "light" in me! With great anticipation I am already looking forward to the upcoming seminar and am curious about all that is yet to come!

Very kind regards, A.


Sept. 2021

Vielen lieben Dank liebe Uta für dieses tolle Seminar. Ich bin immer noch ganz beseelt von den Möglichkeiten die ich nun dank dem Theta Healing in meinem Leben habe. Die Art und Weise wie Uta einem das Thema erklärt, Beispiele nennt und einen beim selber Anwenden begleitet ist wirklich toll! Ich freue mich schon auf Oktober und den nächsten Kurs ?


August 2021

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