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Below you will find a list of current courses and events. For one-on-one coaching, consultations or sessions please send me a message via the Inquiry form.

Free Your Voice – Free Your Soul / 24.04. – 29.04.2024

Vocal Retreat & ThetaHealing Basic DNA Tauche tief in die Welten deiner Seele – mit Stimmarbeit und ThetaHealing® In diesem sechstägigen Retreat an der wunderschönen Algarve (Lagos) in Portugal arbeiten wir im ersten Kurs “Befreie Deine Stimme” intensiv mit der Stimme. Wir arbeiten physiologisch, funktional, seelisch, musikalisch, intuitiv, technisch, improvisatorisch, in der Gruppe und individuell […]

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These courses have already taken place. Should you still be interested in one of these courses, please send me a Message via the request form so that I can notify me if there is a repeat.

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Online Course

 18.08.23- 20.08.23 - Zoom Online Kurs

The ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Course gives you tools that help you to steer your life self-determined in the direction you want. You learn to let go of old things that no longer serve you and fill them with new things. To sort and align yourself anew. To where YOU want to go. You learn in this course to recognize that [...]

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ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Online Course

 22.09.23- 24.09.23 - Zoom Online Kurs

Prerequisite for the participation in the Advanced Course is the previous participation in a ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Course! The ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA is after the Basic DNA Course so to speak "part two" of the basic training in ThetaHealing®. You will get more tools for your toolbox and your knowledge from the Basic Course will be deepened. You will learn the [...]

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Spring' into the Field! - An online workshop for successful affirming.

 06/14/21- 06/18/21 - Zoom Online Course

You can order a recording of this course in the Alpha-Theta Coaching Shop. Successful affirmation made easy! When we want to manifest out of the morphogenetic field, sometimes it is not so easy to find the right "message". Which are the right words? How is it possible that it feels coherent and that I "hit the nerve" with [...].

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Sacred Journey To Remember Your FUTURE

 17.04.20- 18.04.20 - Vokalforum Iserlohn, Sporenstr. 38, Iserlohn, Germany

Sacred Journey To Remember Your FUTURE A sound-based vision journey into your future Do you feel that change is coming for you? Are you longing for something new? Do you feel like you're at a crossroads in your life? You've just nodded vigorously, but have no idea yet what the new might look like, or even how you might incorporate it into your [...]

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ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Online Course

 14.10.23- 15.10.23 - Zoom Online Kurs

Prerequisite for the participation of the Dig Deeper course is the previous participation in a ThetaHealing® Basic DNA and a ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA course! "Dig Deeper!" - "Dig Deeper!" one of the most important techniques in ThetaHealing®. You learn to access deep-seated core beliefs by asking the right questions and release them through the power of creation. This technique enables [...]

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