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The ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Course gives you tools that help you to steer your life self-determined in the direction you want. You will learn to let go of old things that no longer serve you and fill them with new things. To sort and align yourself anew. To where YOU want to go. You learn in this course to recognize that you are an inseparable part of the creative power.

You are very likely to discover completely new gifts in yourself, which you may have only guessed at and which may have been hidden from you until now. You will now learn how to use them for yourself and your goals. And not only for yourself, because as a ThetaHealing® Practicioner you can also help other people to find their way. The way of ThetaHealing® is to follow your heart.

From the seminar content

- Connecting with the energy of creation via the theta state
- Train & use intuitive skills
- Detecting & dissolving fears, blockages & negative beliefs from the current & past life as well as those of the ancestors.
- Transforming blockages into positive beliefs & feelings
- Intuitive scanning of body and energy field
- Manifesting goals for your life and consciously creating your own desired reality
- Removal of & protection from foreign energies
- Practice Readings

You will receive the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Practicioner Certificate from ThInK (ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge) at the end of the seminar, which designates you as an official ThetaHealing® Practicioner and gives you permission to work as a ThetaHealing® Coach.

Course Times (CEST):

Friday 16:00-20:30
Saturday 10:30-17:00
Sunday 10:30-17:00

The course takes place online via Zoom.

Included in the course: The book ThetaHealing® "The Healing Power of Creation" by Vianna Stibal & the ThetaHealing® Basic Seminar Manual.

Book Basic & Advanced at the same time and get a discount!

If you book both courses (Basic & Advanced) at the same time, you get a discount of € 50,-. You can book the course package book here.

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