Band-Aids for the Soul - A Video Course in 18 Parts (German)


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Plaster for the soul

Do you feel at the mercy of circumstances?

Do you feel powerless in the face of everything that's going on? Do you sometimes feel like a raw egg? Defenseless, vulnerable, maybe even tired and worn out? Then this course might be just the right thing to give you the tools to help you find your center again in everyday life, to recharge your batteries, to get out of "survival mode".
I've put together a series of tools for you in this course to caress your soul and help you (re)find emotional stability.
The instructions and ideas you will learn work on all levels-body, mind and spirit.
The course consists of 18 episodes. Over 18 days you can get a new inspiration every day, which you invite and integrate into your everyday life.

The first 9 episodes are already published. The last 9 episodes will follow shortly.

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In EVERYTHING that happens-I remind myself daily that I ALWAYS have a choice in how I deal with something, how much I actually LET myself be pulled down by the things that could or want to pull my vibration down. In our present form of existence as humans, our lives are riddled with emotions. Joy, sadness, fear, love, anger as "core" emotions. To the joy I count also happiness, gratitude, to the rage belongs for me the hate, the aggressiveness, the heart-coldness, etc.. So to each "core" emotion belongs one or the other gradation.
For my understanding of the soul having a human experience here on earth, we are here to feel emotions. The mastery for me is to feel them, to "perceive" what is, then to see where it comes from and to find a way to let it go. We must not avoid the step of feeling what is, no matter how painful. That would be like skipping a chapter in a book that we don't like at the moment, but which describes an important part of the story. Of course, we can still do that. But we won't understand the whole story of the book that way. The principle for me is: Sink or Swim. Growing pains. Get up, straighten the crown, move on.
If there is something to feel, feel it. The mastery lies in not staying too long in a negative emotion that literally "drags us down" in terms of our vibrational energy.

Plaster for the soulI remember an everyday situation last year, during the first lockdown. I was walking through our little town in the afternoon around 17:00. In which it was already no longer possible to buy a few rolls at this time of day-which is why I had actually gone into town. I was shocked by how dead everything seemed. Deserted, locked, all stores were closed. Hardly a soul on the street. And I felt it triggering me. Primal fears began to bubble up inside me. After all, it's not life-threatening if you don't get any fresh rolls. It was one of those moments when, after a lot of training, I learned to pause. To stop and look at the feeling for a moment, so to speak, and to observe. And to ask questions. Where did it come from? Is it mine? Or does it perhaps belong to someone else? Am I allowed to do some undone faith work here? This is what I have written in my ThetaHealing® Training first to the coach, then to the teacher - to learn intensively. Sometimes I do the resolution work very quickly and instantaneously on the spot. Sometimes , when I feel I've scratched a larger issue, I save it for a quieter place and time. (And sometimes it happens to me that I forget to do them. I realize that when the same feeling nips me in the heels again when I'm in a similar situation...;-) ) And especially at the moment, it's often emotions from the collective that we "pick up" and that then really rage within us and throw some things off kilter. The screw is just once again really tightened. In my opinion, this is a last uprising of the old, exhausted forces, but they sometimes cause us a lot of trouble.

That's why I've put together a small catalog of "instant" helpers for you with "Plasters for the Soul", which you can use to help yourself in such situations. Plasters that make it more bearable for the soul.
In the moments of emotional "derailment", it is important first of all to give myself the inner instruction to pause and not to get caught up in the whirlpool of dynamics, with a clear inner: "Stop!", in order to get out of the downward whirlpool of emotion.
When we end up in a group dynamic, the following applies to me: No one can forbid us to get off the emotional merry-go-round in an unpleasant situation. We are not hurting anyone, we are not betraying anyone, even if we might be accused of doing so at times. But please do not confuse: we are not "cold" or "heartless" or "unsolidaric" when we leave the drama out and choose the neutrality of the higher perspective. Voluntarily entering the drama sometimes brings us so much into the emotion that our view becomes narrow. That we can no longer see what is going on, lose the overview, if we let ourselves be dominated by the emotion. It is deceptive that we feel "in solidarity" with this. We thereby not only agree to our own downward slide of our vibration, but also to a collective lowering of our vibration. And voluntarily go physically into our primal reflexes, the so-called "survival mode". Well bravo.

Band-Aid for the Soul Video CourseNow this is not meant to be condescending at all, I was in my former life highly personal and an excellent drama queen myself, the queen of sacrifice land. And it still happens to me from time to time that I sometimes get into the current dynamic and let myself get carried away for a bit. But not for long. And then comes my inward "Stop!"
I have chosen at that time in the situation in the city after my inner "Stop!" to listen to the silence, which was there otherwise in this place normally only at night. To look at the blossoming cherry trees and the beautiful Art Nouveau houses, to which I had otherwise paid little attention. And I could actually be happy about these beautiful things from the bottom of my heart. Because I chose it CONSCIOUSLY. Without blanking out what is. And what trigger points I can take and look at for me from the situation to move me forward. Sometimes it's like this-the more "rock bottom", the calmer I get. The more grounding I get. The "Stop" is one of the tools I want to introduce you to more in the "Band-Aid for the Soul" class. And much more.

Pfaster photo by Tim Reckmann with CC BY 2.0 license. Thank you very much.

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