Do you ever need a reminder of how wonderful life is?
That we can dance simply because we can?
That we can sing, no matter what and no matter how?
That we can laugh, just like that and for no reason.
That we can hold our loved ones just like that.
That we can pay our deep gratitude to the sun, to the sky, to nature for its beauty and for our life?
That we are allowed to be part of the big picture.
To be one with all that is.
If we feel this from the heart, we may observe how the inner resistance dissolves. From must and should.
Then fear gives way to love.
And when it wants to come again, the fear, then dance. Sing. Laugh. Love.
And be brave and say to yourself inside, "Now more than ever!" We have it in our own hands. To feel light. To make our hearts leap. And to make others jump, too.

Being positive does not mean pushing away the shadows in life. It means having the willingness to look at our own shadows, to accept them and grow from them, even to love them, to be grateful to them for what they want to teach our soul. The deeper our willingness to dive in, the more we get to know and love ourselves. The more our fear dissolves into comfort and can transform into acceptance and deep peace. Piece by piece.

The rose-colored glasses have never served us well over a long period of time. They discolor and distort our reality. It puts glitter on everything, as if there were nothing about us that also has an ugly side. If we would all pay more attention to our raw, ugly sides, pay more attention and understand their usefulness at the deepest level, admire it and say "THANK YOU for being there and wanting to help me!", then we would automatically deal more lovingly with ourselves and others, and could also better accept their angular, edgy sides.pushing away works, but only briefly....and then everything is as before, only the shadows are even bigger, nlch threatening, even more oppressive.
It is much easier to point to the edges of others to hide our own and distract ourselves and others from them. As if we were perfect. And with glitter, that is. But we are just not perfect. And therein lies so much that can awaken our potential. What would we do here, on the playing field of the earth, if we were perfect?

And then, once again, when we have dug in our depths, cried, anguished and struggled, we can dance, simply because we can. And with an even lighter heart.

Do you want to dive into your depth and experience that and how you are a wonderful part of the creative power with all that you are? Then take part in the coming weekend in my ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Workshop share. From the heart, Uta

From forgetting and remembering